Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Terms & Conditions

Extended Warranty Period

The Extended Warranty shall commence only at the expiry of new vehicle standard warranty period as mentioned in the new vehicle warranty booklet. This extended warranty is valid for additional 2 years or 40,000 kms whichever is earlier , i.e., the total warranty coverage is limited to (2+2) years or 80,000 kms (whichever is earlier) frame the date of sale of new vehicle.

Transfer Of Warranty

Subsequent registered owner may obtain the benefits of any unexpired portion of this warranty by completing the Change of Ownership form and submitting it to HCIL through Honda Authorised Dealer within 10 days from the date of purchase of vehicle. The subsequent retail purchaser will be subject to all provisions, limitations and exclusions of this extended warranty.

Warranty Repairs

Warranty repairs must be performed by Honda Authorised Dealer only. Any Honda Authorised Dealer will repair or replace any part which proves defective within the limit of extended warranty at no charge to the customer for parts & labour provided this book is with all details of purchase and service history is presented.

2 Years Standard Warranty plus 2 Years Extended Warranty.


(A) The Extended Warranty will not apply to:-

  • Any damage that results from neglect of the periodic maintenance as specified by HCIL.
  • Any damage that results from repair or maintenance performed using methods not specified by Honda Cars India Ltd.and any repairs or damage thereof owning to repairs / adjustments not performed by Honda Authorised Dealer.
  • Any damage that results from hard driving due to a race rally or operation in a location not generally used for driving.
  • Any damage that results from operations of a product at any place where no products of this kind are operated ordinarily.
  • Motor vehicle being used as a taxi or rental vehicle.
  • Any damage that results from operating methods other that those indicated in the owner's manual or use beyond the limitations specified by Honda Cars India Ltd.(maximum load passenger capacity engine speed and others.)
  • Any damage that results from use of non-genuine parts, non genuine oils or accessories other than those approved by Honda Cars India Ltd.
  • Any damage that results from modifications not approved by Honda Seil Cars India Ltd. (vehicle performance modifications, reduction of lights, enlargements and other changes). Inconsequential aspects such as noises, vibrations, oil seepage and sensations that do not affect product quality, function or performance.
  • Any damage that results from improper storage or transpiration. Consumable replacement parts.
  • Honda Cars India Ltd. Will not warrant parts worn out due to natural wear and tear. The parts listed below are not covered under extended warranty.


Spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filter elements, drive chains, air cleaner elements, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch discs, bearings, gas leaks, audio system, lights (excluding sealed beam), fuses, motor brushes, step rubbers, wiper blades, belts, tyres, tubes and other rubber parts, batteries, glasses and other items specified by Honda Cars India Ltd.


  • Oil, grease, battery electrolyte, radiator coolant and other items specified by Honda Cars India Ltd.
  • leaning, inspection, adjustment and other periodic maintenance items. An damages that results from natural disasters, fire, collision, theft and secondary damages based on any of these occurrences.
  • Any damage that results from soot and smoke, chemicals, bird droppings, seal water, sea breeze, salt, acid rain or other similar items.
  • Any natural wear and tear including without limitations ageing, corrosion etc. Body and Paint work including any losses due to accidental damages.
  • Vehicle in which odometer has been tampered or been disconnected.
  • Any repairs / replacements due to bad quality of fuel.
  • Any liabilities or losses due to riots, terrorist activity, mutiny, rat bites etc.

(B) Down Time

  • The provisions of the HondaCare Extended Warranty do not provide for any liability or any other cost, expense or damage as listed below that may be incurred by an owner while a vehicle is out of service or during performance of any warranty, special policy or compaign work.
  • Expenses incident to extended warranty claim, including but not limited to :
  • Additional expenses incurred for communications, lodging, meals, towing charges and other items due to breakdown of the product in a remote area city.
  • Any expense related to personal injury or property damage (excluding the product itself).
  • Compensation for loss of time, commercial losses, or rental costs for a substitute product during the period of repairs.
  • This extended warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and all other obligations or liabilities on its part.
  • This extended warranty once sold will have no surrender value. It will be non transferable to another vehicle.
  • All disputes arising out of this extended warranty shall be subject to the jurisdictions of the courts at New Delhi only.


  • Steps to be taken by owner to ensure the extended warranty will appy and be honoured.
  • Check that the Exclusive HondaCare Program Registration Card has been properly filled & registered with HCIL by the selling dealer.
  • The required maintenance as specified in your new vehicle warranty booklet must be performed. HCIL recommends that the maintenance service should be recorded in the appropriate area of the new vehicle warranty booklet by the Honda Authorised Dealer who performed the service. The service record shall be completed by the Dealer by stamping and seal and servicing record shall be retained by the owner
  • Deliver the vehicle to the Honda Authorised Dealer to perform warranty repairs immediately when a defect becomes apparent.
  • The Exclusive HondaCare Program booklet and the new vehicle warranty booklet must be retained together and produced whenever required at Dealer.
  • Service records and service bills must be made available to the dealer management if required.
  • Failure to maintain the odometer in working order or disconnecting or tampering it will invalidate the extended warranty.
  • Undertake to pay for dismantling & repairing the vehicle if the cause of breakdown is not covered by extended warranty.
    Note: The "Important items to consider" of new vehicle warranty booklet remain valid for extended warranty and must be read & understood by the vehicle owner.

In the event of a failure

  • In case any part is required to be repaired / replaced under the Extended Warranty Scheme:
  • The car owner should use all reasonable means to protect the vehicle from further damage The car owner should take the vehicle to any Honda Exclusive Authorized Dealer.
  • If the claim is accepted under the Scope of Extended Warranty, the necessary repairs will be carried out under this warranty by the Dealer.

Extended Warranty and Road Side Assistance:

What is an extended warranty, how is it different from the new vehicle warranty?
Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) presently warrants all its cars for a period of 2 years or 40,000 kms whichever is earlier at the time of sale of new car - this is called new vehicle warranty.
This warranty states that the manufacturer will repair or replace any part which proves defective within the limits of warranty at no charge to the customer for parts and labour. Once the warranty expires, you have nothing to protect from expensive vehicle repairs.
The Honda Care Extended warranty is an optional warranty that can be purchased by the customers any time before the expiry of new vehicle warranty. Now, all vehicles are delivered with additional 2 years warranty in the name of Honda Car Care programmers itself.